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Aluminium | Steel

Walk-in Fruit Cages and Vegetable Cages

A walk-in fruit cage or vegetable cage is an investment! You can protect a large fruit and vegetable garden for the price of a small greenhouse - a good quality walk-in fruit cage will repay itself many times over the years. Without a walk-in fruit cage you will lose most of your fruit to birds. It is a false economy to purchase a cheap, flimsy fruit cage. Knowle Nets walk-in fruit cages have been developed over 50 years and are built to last. Every walk-in fruit cage is made to order to fit your fruit/vegetable plot. We can supply almost any size or shape.  They can be easily put together in a few hours.
Aluminium | Steel

Who uses our walk-in fruit cages?

Fruit Cages: Aluminium Our fruit cages are used by amateurs and professionals alike including National Trust gardens, research institutes, fruit farms and market gardens. Our fruit cages are supplied as a complete package consisting of framework, netting, fixings and one door. They are 2m (6ft 6in high). Please note fruit cages are not squirrel proof. Fruit Cages: Black

Fruit and Vegetable Cage Framework

Fruit Cages: Inside There is a choice of natural finish aluminium or galvanised and black powder coated high tensile strength steel. The uprights of our walk-in cages are 26mm (1 inch) in diameter. The ground insertion is 330mm (14 inches) below the ground plate. The top rods are 22mm (⅞ inch) in diameter. The maximum distance between uprights is 3.0m (10 feet ). The joints have been developed over many years. They comprise a stainless steel bolt and nut which will not rust and a tough nylon cap and collar. The joint can accommodate any angle. Our framework is GUARANTEED for 10 years against failure due to corrosion. Fruit Cages: Top of pole joint

Fruit and Vegetable Cage Netting

Fruit Cages: Black steel frame The roof nets of our fruit cages are made from black polyethylene. Black is the least visible colour in the garden and gives maximum ultraviolet resistance. Our standard fruit cage roof net is a 2 ply woven diamond mesh net with a mesh size of 19mm (¾ inch). It is very strong yet light and will give many years bird protection. Our side nets are made from black high density polyethylene. These are moulded nets which hang straight and neat. The mesh is 19mm (¾ inch) square. Fruit Cages: Black

Fruit and Vegetable Cage Net Fastenings

The side net is attached to the frame's top rods with releasable nylon strap ties and is pegged to the ground with galvanised pegs. The roof net is attached to the side net with our own net clips. These clip firmly together but can be released when you want to remove the roof net in winter. We supply a generous quantity for a neat fit. Each fruit cage is supplied with 190mm (7½") serrated edged ground pegs which grip well in dug soil.
Fruit Cages: Net fastenings Fruit Cages: Ground Peg

Fruit and Vegetable Cage Doors

Fruit Cages: Door All our walk-in fruit cages are supplied with a door. This is 900mm (3 feet) wide which is wide enough to get a wheel barrow in and out of the cage. The door is designed to hinge on any of the fruit cage uprights. If it is necessary for the door to be in the middle of a top rod then an extra door post can be supplied. Additional doors can also be fitted. Fruit Cages: Door
Aluminium | Steel
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