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Netting for walk-in fruit cages
Tubing for Walk-in Cages
Uprights (25.4mm diameter)

2m (6&ft) above ground supplied with fittings for securing top rods (see below), and a ground plate (see below). The spike on the end of the upright goes 330mm (13") into the ground.
Natural finish aluminium
(1.63mm wall thickness) £14.80 each
Aluminium upright
Galvanised and black powder coated steel
(1.22mm wall thickness) £21.00 each.
Black steel upright
Upright spike
Top Rods (22.2mm diameter, 1.22mm wall thickness) Used for Walk-in cages and Vegetable cages
Natural Aluminium
Black Steel
Top rod Black steel top rod
Replacement Fittings
For attaching top rods to uprights. The joints have been developed over many years. They comprise a stainless steel bolt and nut (these will not rust) and a tough nylon cap and collar.
Complete set £1.80 each
Black cap 60p each
Bolt, nut & collar £1.20 each
Top of pole joint
Door posts are required if the door is positioned in the centre of a top rod.
Natural Aluminium £13.90 each
Black Steel £20.20 each
Door Hinges
£1.85 per pair
Door Catches
£1.15 each
Ground Plates
Aluminium 90mm x 75mm plate with side legs
(included with each upright)

90p each   
Ground Plate
Net Fastenings
Releasable Ties 120mm long (pictured left). For securing side nets to top rods. Recommended spacing 1 per metre.
9p each

Net Clips (pictured right). For securing roof net to side net. Recommended spacing 2& per metre.
9p each
Net fastenings
Ground Pegs
180mm long galvanised steel
Will anchor 6mm mesh nets

23p each
Ground Peg
Wide Ground Pegs
190mm long galvanised steel
More grip in soft ground

27p each
Ground Peg
Extra Door

0.9m (3ft) wide. Every fruit cage is supplied with one door as standard. Additional doors can be fitted. The doors can hinge on any of the fruit cage uprights.
Natural Aluminium  £33
Black Steel  £48

Extra Door Post

If it is necessary for the door to be in the middle of a top rod then an additional door post must be used.

Natural Aluminium £13.90
Black Steel  £20.20
Fruit cage door
Netting for walk-in fruit cages
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