Netting to either contain or exclude specific species of birds and animals.  Different types of nets are supplied to use as horizontal or vertical barriers.

All our animal and bird control nets are strong and easy to work with.  They are made from black UV treated high density polyethylene for durability.

Poultry & Game Rearing Nets
Poultry Nets

We have a range of nets for chicken runs and game rearing pens.

Choose the mesh size for the roof net according to the size of bird you are keeping:

  • 1″ mesh for Chicks
  • 1⅛” mesh for Bantams and Partridges
  • 1½” for Chickens, Pheasants poults and Ducks
  • 2″ for Adult Pheasants, Peacocks and Geese
  • 3″ for laying pens so that snow can fall through

For the sides of pens and for temporary runs use rigid moulded netting.

Aviary & Pest Control Nets

Our range of aviary nets can be used to create an enclosure for your birds. They are widely used by zoos.

These nets can also be used to keep birds such as pigeons and starlings out of buildings and roof spaces and prevent them nesting or roosting.

Choose the mesh size according to your bird species:

  • ¾” for finches and canaries
  • 1″ for sparrows
  • 1⅛” for starlings
  • 1½” for doves and pigeons
  • 2″ for owls and birds of prey
  • 3″ for seagulls
Cat Nets
Pet Control Nets

Nets and accessories to cat proof your garden or to build pet runs