Knowle Nets walk-in fruit cages have been developed over 50 years and are built to last. Every walk-in fruit cage is made to order to fit your fruit/vegetable plot. We can supply almost any size or shape. They can be easily put together in a few hours.

2 meters (6½ft) high to give sufficient growing height for soft fruit such as raspberries and also enough height to work in, and each cage has a door to allow access.

The framework is made from 25.4mm (1″) diameter uprights and 22.2mm (⅞”) diameter top rods. Available in natural finish aluminium (which does not rust), or attractive black powder coated galvanised steel.

The netting is supplied separately for the sides and roof.  The side net is 2m high and goes all round the cage starting and finishing at the door.  0.5m extra length is supplied.  The roof net is 0.5m larger than the roof area so that the roof net will overlap the side net ensuring no gaps.

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