Steel Walk In Fruit Cage
Fruit & Vegetable Cages

Our fruit and vegetable cages our made to standard heights of 0.45m for strawberries and other low growing plants, 1.2m for low growing fruit bushes such as redcurrants and vegetables such as brassicas, and 2.0m for raspberries or simply to give a growing area you can walk around in.

Garden Netting

We have netting to suit all your garden requirements from anti bird, anti butterfly and anti insect netting to plant support netting, wind break and sun shading, and tree guards.

Herbaceous border
Cloche Tunnel
Polytunnels & Cloches

We manufacture and supply polytunnels specifically designed for the garden.  They are available in 5 widths and any length and have a choice of polythene cover.  Our cloches come is 2 widths and have a choice of 4 covers.

Pond Netting

We have netting to keep the dreaded heron from taking your fish and smaller mesh netting to keep leaves and other debris out of your pond or swimming pool.  We can also make framework to keep your nets off the surface of the water and to enable easy installation.

Pond Netting
Horticultural Matting
Horticultural material

We stock Ground cover and mulching fabric for weed suppression, fleece for frost protection and pest control, and capillary matting for easy watering in the greenhouse and lining hanging baskets for better water retention.

Our garden nets and frames are designed and crafted from our 50 years of experience in netting. All products supplied by Knowle Nets are made from high quality materials.

Garden Netting
We have nets for all of your gardening needs from plant support netting for herbaceous borders and climbing plants, to pond nets to keep out herons and leaves.  We also supply ground cover and mulch for weed suppression and Fleece for frost protection

Frames & Cages
Our frames & cages are all manufactured by ourselves.  We have standard sizes but we can also make frames and cages to fit your plot.