All garden netting supplied by Knowle Nets is made from high quality high density polyethylene which is UV stabilised to give a long life.

Anti Bird Netting
Anti Bird Netting

Used to stop birds eating your fruit and vegetable crops.

The mesh size is either 19mm (¾”) which is small enough to keep out all small birds but most importantly it will let pollinating insects through, or it is 50mm (2″) to specifically keep pigeons off vegetables in the winter but not allow too much snow to build up on the net.

We have flexible nets that can be stretched over frames or rigid nets to make vertical barriers.

Anti Butterfly Netting

Butterfly net protects brassicas in particular from cabbage white butterflies which lay eggs on brassicas and the resulting caterpillars can devastate a crop. The mesh size must be 7mm (¼”) or smaller.

Anti Butterfly Net
Plant Support Net
Plant Support Netting

Used to support plants either horizontally or vertically. It is used horizontally by stretching it between uprights ‐ for example in a herbaceous border for delphiniums and chrysanthamums or in a vegetable plot for broad beans.

It is used vertically on a frame or against a wall for runner beans, sweet peas, garden peas clematis and cucumbers.

Insect Netting

Insect netting is used to keep insects such as carrot fly, onion fly and aphids off vegetable crops and house flies out of window openings.

The finer the mesh size the smaller the insect that is deterred but there is a corresponding decrease in air circulation.

Insect Netting
Pond Netting
Pond Nets

Protect your fish from herons. Also catches falling leaves in autumn. Also protects your sand pit from cats. To keep the net above the water a frame can be made from our aluminium tubing and fittings, or wires can be stretched across the pond.

Windbreak and Shade Netting

The same net can be used either as a windbreak or a shade net. As a windbreak it will reduce windspeed by 50% without producing turbulence and eddies as occurs with a solid barrier.

As sunshading on the inside or outside of a greenhouse or chicken run it gives a 35% shade to reduce scorching of plants.

Windbreak Net
Compost Bin Net
Compost Bins

Ideal for composting large quantities of garden weeds and autumn leaves. They have a volume of 1 cubic metre which is bigger than most compost bins you can buy.