Our Bestselling Pots & Planters

Transform your garden with our range of outdoor plant pots and planters. Choose from our innovative Vigoroot self watering garden towers, our best-selling eco-friendly planters made from hemp or bamboo, our popular raised beds or our large patio planters.

Choose A Plant Protection  

Depending on your garden space and what you are planting, you can maximise your growing success with our various tunnels, cloches, micro-mesh, fruit tree protection or Victorian bells. Browse our wide range of plant protection - ideal to protect your crops from heavy rain, hard wind, slugs, insects or even small animals. 

Plant Propagation Accessories

Not sure where to start? Depending on what type of propagation you are about to start, we have the essentials accessories you will need. If you are seeding new plants, we recommend you get your hands on our seed sower, modular inserts, peat free pots or modular inserts, rigid tray, and useful soil pH Meter. 

Essential Garden Sundries

Our essential garden sundries - ideal to keep in your garden shed and for use all year around. Take a look at our selected products below ranging from cane caps, fabric pegs, soft ties, snips, garden labels and even compostable sacks. 

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