Grow All Year Around With Our Best Garden Tunnels 

Available in various sizes, they are a nice and easy fit for any outdoor space. Enjoy watching your favourite fruits and vegetables grow steadily under waterproof and windproof protection. Whether you are looking for a semi-permanent or light weight structure that is easy to move, choose among our best-selling products below ranging from polytunnels, grower frames, raised bed systems and cloche tunnels.

 Start Your Seedlings in Grow Tunnels

Give your seedlings the environment they need to grow with our unique range of grow tunnels. We supply materials to protect from insects, birds, wind or heavy rain from damaging your small crops. Choose between a fleece, micromesh, net or polythene cover options below. They are large enough to stand on their own on top of raised beds, patio planters or directly in your garden patch. Our grow tunnels are designed to sit above your row of veg, and stay put with secured ground pegs.

Useful Accessories You'll Need

If you need replacement parts for either polytunnels or greenhouses we offer them in the ranges below. For polytunnels we supply hot spot tape, ventilation and repair material. Our collection of greenhouse accessories include items such as greenhouse heaters and many types of clips and fittings to provide shade to your greenhouse.

Polytunnels & Cloche Tunnels FAQs

Polytunnels & Cloche Tunnels FAQs



2m Tall 



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