We supply high quality durable sports nets for all types of ball game. Our nets are made from polyethylene which is a longer lasting material than polypropylene.

Football Nets

Goal Nets – International size (24ft) and Junior size (20ft) Made from 3.0mm braided and knotted twine.

Boundary / ball stop netting is made from 2.0mm twine cut to any size required.  The edges can be reinforced with a cord bound to the edge.


We supply 2 types of Practice frame: a temporary wooden pole and guy rope system and a permanent frame made from steel tube in single or multiple bays. Our practice netting is a high quality 2.0mm twisted knotted twine.

Boundary Netting is supplied in any height and width.

Cricket Nets
Tennis Nets

Club Quality Tennis nets made from 2mm twisted knotted twine.

Grass court surround netting in any height and length. We supply complete grass court surrounds in choice of heights.

Also tennis posts for grass or hard courts, court marker pins and adjuster bands.


We manufacture 3 types of practice frame for the garden or for club use. We can also supply replacement impact netting for an existing frame.

Surround netting can be supplied cut to any size. This protects people and property from stray balls and as a divider between courses.

Golf Nets