We have a range of made to measure garden nets and frames including:

Fruit cages to protect your fruit from birds

Vegetable cages to protect your vegetables from pests

Cloches to protect your crops from the elements and from pests

Polytunnels to extend your growing season and to grow exotic crops

Plant supports for tall stemmed herbaceous plants and vegetables, and climbing plants

Fish pond covers to keep leaves out of your pond and to protect your fish from herons

Anti bird, anti butterfly and anti insect netting

Windbreak and Shade net

Ground-cover, Mulch and Fleece


Our nets can be used as horizontal or vertical barriers either to contain or to exclude animals or birds. Examples include:

Runs for Chickens, Bantams, Ducks, Peacocks and Geese, so that they are safe from predators and do not cause a nuisance by roaming too widely

Runs for cats so they can enjoy the outside without the risk of straying on to roads

Game rearing and release pens for breeding various game birds including Partridges and Pheasants

Aviary enclosures for birds of any size ranging from finches up to eagles

Barriers to keep pigeons and starlings out of buildings and prevent them roosting


We supply high quality durable nets, made from polyethylene, for all types of ball game including:

Football Goal nets for both International and Junior sized goals

Cricket practice frames, either temporary or permanent in single or multiple bays

Club quality Tennis nets and Grass court surround netting in any height and length

For Golf we manufacture 3 types of practice frame for the garden or for club use. We can also supply replacement impact netting for an existing frame

We supply boundary or ball stop netting for football grounds, cricket pitches, golf ranges, tennis courts, volleyball courts and table tennis bays to mention a few

Knowle Nets Team

Netting – When experience and skill count

Knowle Nets Ltd is a family business, established in 1965, giving personal attention to our customers’ orders. We are committed to providing the best quality products at the best price with prompt dispatch time. When ordering from us you benefit from over 50 years experience in the use of netting.