Walk-in Fruit Cages

Walk-in Fruit Cages

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Lock Tight Joint

Our Lock Tight Joint is probably the sturdiest on the market. Our flat ends are secured together to create a robust frame

Knowle Nets 25cm increments

25cm Increments

Our sizing is unique with tubes cut to the nearest 25cm, so you can order a fruit or veg cage to fit your exact garden space

Shape Adaptability

Our Lock Tight Joint allows top tubes to be angled in any direction, allowing unique shapes to be created to fit your garden

Knowle Nets slope friendly

Slope Friendly

Using flat end tubes and our Lock Tight Joint, our construction enables slopes to be easily accommodated within any build

Knowle Nets made in the UK

Made in the UK

All our Fruit or Veg Cages are made personally by hand for you in our UK workshops to your exact size & material requirements

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