About Us

Our 50 Year Heritage

Knowle Nets was started in 1965 at Knowle Farm Bridport Dorset - the home of net making since the 9th century.

Knowle Nets 50 years heritage

Traditional Hand Finishing

All our nets are cut to order in our Bristol workshop which reduces waste. Our metal work is carried out by our skilled team, enabling us to create a huge range of fruit & vegetable cages. We keep our operating costs low so you get the best value at the best price.

Knowle Nets hand made finish

The Strongest Structures

Our fruit and vegetable cages have a unique construction that utilises swaged ends on all top poles. Using our specialist Lock Tight connector design, all poles are joined directly together without the need for separate inter-connectors.

The result is much stronger structure which will last for many years to come and is backed by a 10 year structural guarantee. Our method of construction is one of the strongest and easiest to assemble on the market.

We stock a huge range of nets and can meet just about any application that requires netting.

Knowle Nets Strong structures

A Trusted Family Run Business

As a family run business we pride ourselves on excellent customer service and on the personal attention we give to each order  - as a result we have satisfied customers the world over. 

Family Run Business

First Class Customer Advice & Care

Our experienced team ensures we can provide the best products and advice to amateur gardeners, national gardens, horticulturalists, local authorities, educational establishments, pest control and fencing companies, sports clubs, falconers, poultry keepers, film companies to list just a few of the various customer we supply.

First Class customer service