Knowle Nets fruit cages

Fruit Cages

Crafted by Hand Since 1965

Knowle Nets Fruit Cages have been developed over 50 years and are built to last,
backed by our 10 year structural guarantee.
Our cages are handmade to order in our UK workshop using high quality materials and are available in steel or aluminium construction and are sized to the nearest 25cm, so they can be specced to exactly fit your growing space.
Every fruit cage is supplied with everything you need including netting (we will always send extra to ensure no gaps), fixings and a door.

Lock Tight Joint

Probably the sturdiest on the market. Our flat ends are secured together to create a robust frame

25cm Increments

Unique sizing with tubes cut to the nearest 25cm, so you can order a Fruit or Veg cage to fit your exact garden space


Our Lock Tight Joint allows top tubes to be angled in any direction, allowing unique shapes to fit your garden

10-Year Guarantee

Durable, resilient and weather-resistant Fruit and Veg cages, backed by our 10-year structural guarantee

Handmade In the UK

All our Fruit and Veg Cages are made by hand in our UK workshops to your exact size & material requirements

Latest Video

Knowle Nets Fruit & Vegetable Cages

Knowle Nets Fruit and Vegetable Cages make growing crops in your own garden simple, protecting them from birds, insects and other pests.

Watch our latest video for everything you need to know about our range of Fruit and Vegetable Cages, including:

  • Aluminium vs Stainless Steel Fruit Cages
  • Lock Tight Joints, Shape Adaptability and why Knowle Nets cages are unique
  • Everything you'll recieve in your Fruit Cage order


Our heritage can be traced back to 1965 at Knowle Farm Bridport, Dorset - the home of net making since the 9th century. 

This tradition of hand finishing continues to this day in our exceptional modern Bristol workshops where all netting and tubes are cut by hand to fit your exact sizing. Each order is carefully packaged with clear instructions for easy installation. 

Knowle Nets structures have unique tapered ends to the top tubes, allowing all poles to be joined directly. A much stronger structure built to withstand years of work and weather, backed by our 10 year structural guarantee.