Fruit Tree Netting

Fruit Tree Netting

Protect your fruit tree or soft growing fruits from any garden pest, bird or deer with our range of fruit netting and heavy duty accessories for trees.
Whether you tree is young and might need some trunk protection, or it is a more mature tree producing a large among of fruit each year, you will find anti-bird netting solutions, flexi-tree guard or fine mesh nets.

Trust Knowle Nets

Our heritage can be traced back to 1965 at Knowle Farm Bridport, Dorset - the home of net making since the 9th century. 

This tradition of hand finishing continues to this day in our exceptional modern Bristol workshops where all netting and tubes are cut by hand to fit your exact sizing. Each order is carefully packaged with clear instructions for easy installation. 

Knowle Nets structures have unique tapered ends to the top tubes, allowing all poles to be joined directly. A much stronger structure built to withstand years of work and weather, backed by our 10 year structural guarantee.