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Find The Perfect Net For You

Experts in garden netting for over 50 years, we offer heavy duty premium quality garden nets - perfect for all garden, allotment and estate use. Our quality nets are hand cut to order in our Bristol workshop and our experienced team are on hand to ensure you get exactly the right net for you.

Depending on what you are growing and the type of pests which can be harmful to your crops, plants or livestock, you will need a targeted net for your needs. Browse our sections below to find our best suited options for you.

Choose Your Netting Material 

High quality nets are manufactured in woven, knotted or extruded specifications. We offer over 50 different types of nets suitable for all uses from soft knotless netting for fruit cages and bird protection to heavy duty plastic netting and wire for enclosures and protection from deer and other animals. A variety of mesh sizes are available including ultra-fine insect netting and woven fabrics to provide reliable protection from frost and wind or offer summer shade to your crops. 

Ideal For Any Fruit Or Vegetable Cages

All Knowle Nets fruit and vegetable cages include netting and fixings for general protection - everything you need to get started. Alternatively if you have an existing structure our netting and fittings can be easily used on any fruit or crop cage - Simply choose the width you need and add 25cm to length and width to allow for overlap.

Bird & Pest Control Netting 

A high quality net is essential to protect fruit crops from small birds and vegetables from damage by pigeons and other larger species while fine mesh insect net and butterfly netting will prevent infestation from pests and caterpillars to avoid damage to brassicas and salads. If deer or rabbits are a problem a robust wire or heavy duty plastic mesh will discourage damage to your crops and borders.Netting your pond will not only prevent fallen leaves accumulating in the water but also prevent herons and cats preying on fish and wildlife.

Our 50 Year Heritage

Knowle Nets was started in 1965 at Knowle Farm Bridport Dorset - the home of net making since the 9th century.

The tradition of hand finishing continues to this day in our Bristol workshops where all netting and tubes are cut by hand to fit your exact sizing - Each order is then carefully packaged for an easy installation.

Knowle Nets structures are unique in having swaged ends to the top tubes allowing all poles to be joined directly - the result is a much stronger structure built for many years to come and backed by our 10 year structural guarantee.

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