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Sale price£18.99
Harvesting Apron
Solid Wheel Folding WheelbarrowSolid Wheel Folding Wheelbarrow
retractable kniferetractable knife
Sale price£11.99
Retractable Knife
Bamboo scoop in use
Sale price£3.99
Bamboo Scoop
Handy Scoop Purplescoop purple
Sale price£3.49
Handy Scoop Purple
Widger & Dibberwidger-and-dibbler
Sale price£2.49
Widger & Dibber
Bamboo Widgers and DibbersBamboo-Dibber-and-Widger-Packshot
Sale price£3.49
Bamboo Widgers and Dibbers
wood thermometer
Sale price£4.99
Wood Thermometer
waterproof plant marker
Sale price£3.49
Waterproof Garden Marker
plant markers with pen
Sale price From £3.99
White Plastic Plant Labels 6" (150mm)
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Eco Jute Twist TiesEco Jute Twist Ties
Sale price£5.99
Eco Jute Twist Ties
Hand Brushhand brush - in use
Sale price£5.29
Hand Brush
Handy Pocket SnipsHandy Pocket Snips
Sale price£6.99
Handy Pocket Snips
Sale price£24.99
Bamboo Lawn Rake
lawn rake
Sale price£9.99
Lawn Rake
speed hoe close upspeedhoe in use
Sale price£39.99
Sale price£27.49
SpeedHoe Precision
SpeedWeed - in use weedingSpeedWeed- in use
Sale price£35.99
soft tie- original in use
Sale price£5.99
Soft Tie 5m (Original)
soft tie woody- in use
Sale price£5.99
Soft Tie Woody 5m
slim soft tie- in use
Sale price£5.99
Slim Soft Tie 8m
slim soft tie woody- in useslim soft tie woody- in use
Sale price£5.99
Slim Soft Tie Woody 8m
Tool BeltTool Belt
Sale price£13.99
Tool Belt