Lawn Care Tools

Lawn Care Tools

Discover Our Best Lawn Tools

A beautiful lawn is real showstopper for anyone visiting your home. To keep your lawn and garden looking its best, we offer an excellent selection of products and tools to help you get the job done. You can find among our range of best-selling garden tools everything you will need to care for your lawn.

How to look after your lawn?

To keep a healthy looking lawn, we have a few lawn care tips: 

1) Start by removing weeds, dandelion, thatch and moss with a weeder and a lawn rake
2) Make sure your lawn has good drainage to prevent water build up and landscaping issues
3) Aerate your lawn by creating small holes in the soil with a spike aerator or spike shoes. It will allow better penetration of air and water for your lawn to gain the right nutrients to grow 
4) Add grass feed and fertilisers at least twice a year during spring and autumn 
5) Mow your lawn when the grass is dry enough to avoid damaging it on wet soil. You can also add lawn edging to tidy and contain your lawn in certain areas

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What are the best pruning tools?

Pruning is an important part of gardening, often neglected by some. There are proven benefits from pruning your plants, hedges and trees.

For example, removing old dead branches from a tree can strengthen it, dead-heading roses allow a second bloom, and trimming a fruit tree can help to prevent disease. So it’s worth getting equipped with pruning tools such as secateurs, loppers and a pruning saw, shears for clipping hedges, and long-reach tree pruners for high branches in trees. You can find electric ones to make it a little easier.

Trust Knowle Nets

Our heritage can be traced back to 1965 at Knowle Farm Bridport, Dorset - the home of net making since the 9th century. 

This tradition of hand finishing continues to this day in our exceptional modern Bristol workshops where all netting and tubes are cut by hand to fit your exact sizing. Each order is carefully packaged with clear instructions for easy installation. 

Knowle Nets structures have unique tapered ends to the top tubes, allowing all poles to be joined directly. A much stronger structure built to withstand years of work and weather, backed by our 10 year structural guarantee.