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Rapid Rootrainer
Haxnicks-deep-root-trainer- in useHaxnicks-deep-root-trainer- packshot
Sale price£10.29
Deep Rootrainers
compact rapid Rootrainer - in use on windowsillcompact rapid Rootrainer white background
Sale price£9.25
Compact Rapid Rootrainer
Haxnicks-maxi-root-trainers- in use
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Maxi Rootrainers
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Bamboo Widgers and Dibbers
grower frame- in usegrower frame bare frame
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Grower Frame 1 review
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Compact Grower Frame - Knowle Nets
Sale price£54.99
Compact Grower Frame
Sold ph meter in use
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Soil pH Meter
Seed Sower
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Seed Sower
36 x 5cm Peat Free Pot Strips
Square Peat Free Pots
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Square Peat Free Pots
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Round Peat Free PotsRound Peat Free Pots
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Round Peat Free Pots
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Window Sill Greenhouse Black
Sale price£5.29
Window Sill Greenhouse Black
Rigid Seed Tray Black
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Rigid Seed Tray Black
AC Modular Carrying Tray (2s)
Modular Inserts 6 x 12 (72 cell)
Modular Inserts 6 x 9 (54 cell)
microgreens mat- in use on windowsiollmicro greens growing mat close up
Bamboo Seed Tray Sage Green- white background Bamboo Seed Tray Sage Green- packshot
Sale price£5.15
Bamboo Seed Tray Sage Green
Sale price£2.29
Widger & Dibber