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grower frame- in usegrower frame bare frame
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Grower Frame 2 reviews
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Compact Grower FrameCompact Grower Frame
Sale price£69.99
Compact Grower Frame
raised bed system in useraised bed base in use
Sale price From £19.99
Raised Bed
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Easy Fleece JacketsEasy Fleece Jackets
Sale price£9.99
Easy Fleece Jackets
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Green Fern Fleece JacketsGreen Fern Fleece Jackets
Sale price From £10.99
Green Fern Fleece Jackets
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Easy Fleece TunnelEasy Fleece Tunnel
Sale price£29.99
Easy Fleece Tunnel
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Eco-Green Fleece Blanket 1.8m x 10mextra thick fleece blanket- in use
Knowle Nets - POLYTUNNEL CLEAR POLYTHENE- end of tunnel in usePolytunnel - Clear Polythene - Knowle Nets
Sale price From £383.30
Polytunnel - Clear Polythene
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Easy Micromesh TunnelEasy Micromesh Tunnel
Sale price From £19.99
Easy Micromesh Tunnel
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Knowle Nets -Polytunnel UV block polythene- End of tunnel in usePolytunnel- UV Block Polythene - Knowle Nets
Sale price From £389.62
Polytunnel- UV Block Polythene
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Eco-Green Micromesh 1.8mx5mEco-Green Micromesh 1.8mx5m
Sale price£19.99
Eco-Green Micromesh 1.8mx5m
easy seedling tunnel- in use on raised bedEasy Seedling Tunnels (3 pack)
easy net tunneleasy net tunnel- in use
Sale price From £19.99
Easy Net Tunnel
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tunnel hoops in usetunnel hoops packshot
Micromesh Pest & Wind BarrierMicromesh Pest & Wind Barrier
Sale price£26.99
Micromesh Pest & Wind Barrier
baby victorian bell cloche - in use in veg gardenOriginal victorian bell cloche - in use  group in veg garden
Sale price From £10.99
Victorian Bells
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small victorian glass bell jarsmall victorian glass bell jar
Sale price£14.99
Small Victorian Glass Bell Jar 2 reviews
Kitchen Garden ClocheKitchen garden cloche- in use on veg patch
Sale price£74.99
Kitchen Garden Cloche
twist up tomato cloche in use
Sale price£24.99
Twist-up Tomato Cloche
tomato crop booster system- in usetomato crop booster system- in use
Sale price From £24.99
Tomato Crop-Booster
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flexi mesh tree guard- in use on filed
Sale price£6.99
Flexi Mesh Treeguard
Fruit Tree Protection Net 2mFruit Tree Protection Net 2m
Sale price£69.99
Fruit Tree Protection Net 2m
birdscare-in use
Sale price£5.99
Birdscare 30m
Sale price£8.99
Sale price£8.99
Copper Slug and Snail Tape
slug and snail catcher
Sale price£11.99
Slug and Snail Catcher