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Haxnicks range of Bamboo eco friendly pots and saucersbamboo pot 3"
Sale price From £2.99
Bamboo Pots and Saucers
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Hemp pots- group haxnicks hemp 5L pot in use on patio
Sale price From £2.99
Hemp Pots 1 review
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potato patio planter in usepotato patio planter in use
Sale price£13.49
Potato Patio Planter (3 pack) 1 review
3 vegetable planters3 vegetable planters in use
multi purpose grow bag planter- in use
Sale price£11.99
Multi Purpose Growbag Planter
2 Strawberry & Herb Patio Planters- in use2 Strawberry & Herb Patio Planters- in use
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Wire CuttersWire Cutters
Sale price£6.74 Regular price£7.49
Wire Cutters
tomato patio planter climbing
Sale price£19.99
Tomato Patio Planter Climbing
Tomato Patio Planters (x2)
Sale price£12.99
Tomato Patio Planters (x2)
pea and bean patio planter- in use
Sale price£13.99
Pea & Bean Patio Planter 1 review
Haxnicks-Herb-Wall-Planter-in use on wallHaxnicks-Herb-Wall-Planter- close up
Sale price£9.49
Herb Wall Planter
Vigoroot Pots  (3 pack)- 5l on patioVigoroot Pots  (3 pack) 10l on patio
Sale price From £8.99
Vigoroot Pots  (3 pack) 1 review
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Vigoroot Potato/Tomato Planter- in use on patio
vegetable planter- in use
Sale price£7.99
Vigoroot Vegetable Planter
Herb planter- in use
Sale price£8.99
Vigoroot Herb Planter
vigoroot self watering tower garden - in usevigoroot self watering tower garden - in use watering
vigorrot easy table garden- in usevigorrot easy table garden- in use  close
Sale price£59.99
Vigoroot Easy Table Garden
Vigoroot balcony garden- in useVigoroot balcony garden- in use top
Sale price£114.99
Vigoroot Balcony Garden
instant patio planter- in use
raised bed system in useraised bed base in use
Sale price From £19.99
Raised Bed
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water waiters in use - on windowsillwater waiters in use
Sale price£7.99
haxnicks-water-saucer-in-use-being-wateredhaxnicks-water-saucer-in-use-full of water
Sale price£3.99
Water Saucer
grow lite compost- in usegrow lite compost- in use
Sale price£19.99
GrowLite 5Kg
Bulb BasketsBulb Baskets
Sale price From £6.49
Bulb Baskets
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