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Bamboo scoop in use
Sale price£3.09
Bamboo Scoop
scoop purple
Sale price£3.09
Handy Scoop Purple
speed hoe close upspeedhoe in use
Sale price£33.89
Sale price£25.95
SpeedHoe Precision
SpeedWeed - in use weedingSpeedWeed- in use
Sale price£33.89
Haxnicks-leaf-picker in useHaxnicks-leaf-picker in use
Sale price£34.89
Leaf Picker
snip it deluxesnip it deluxe
Sale price£4.35
Snip-It Deluxe
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pocket snips in use
Sale price£6.19
Handy Pocket Snips
retractable kniferetractable knife
Sale price£11.99
Retractable Knife
patio shovel
Sale price£10.99
Patio Shovel
lawn spike aerator
Sale price£48.79
Lawn Spike Aerator
lawn rake
Sale price£9.99
Lawn Rake
Sale price£15.45
Bamboo Lawn Rake
Sale price£2.29
Widger & Dibber
hand brush - in use
Sale price£5.29
Hand Brush
folding saw bench in usefolding saw bench - line drawing
Sale price£56.25
Folding Saw Bench
easy riddle- in use
Sale price£9.19
Easy Riddle Garden Sieve 1 review
Seed Tray Sieve
Sale price£12.19
Seed Tray Sieve
Solid Wheel Folding WheelbarrowSolid Wheel Folding Wheelbarrow
Fence Guard
Sale price£12.75
Fence Guard
2kW Metal Greenhouse Heater IP24
down to earth book
Sale price£15.79
Down To Earth
Sold ph meter in use
Sale price£9.29
Soil pH Meter